RAA Forms
Available to Purchase

906 W State St., Rockford, Illinois 61102.
Call 815-964-8789 / Print out and mail / FAX 815-964-5277
  Deluxe Rental Agreement - 9 page lease contract - $1.25/members - $2/non-members
All forms below are 25 sheets per pad unless noted
    Certificate of Recognition - $.50/sheet Certified Professional Landlord
[Certificate for presentation to your managers]
    Certificate of Recognition - $.50/sheet Resident Appreciation Award
$4.00/pad for members; $8.75/pad for non-members; or 10 sheets of anyone type for $2.00/members; $3.25/non-members
    5-Day Notice Notice to vacate premises
    10-Day Notice Notice to vacate premises
    30-Day Notice Notice to vacate premises
    Summary of On-Site Collections This form will help at tax time
Record all rental income by building or unit
    Smoke Detector & Fire Extinguisher Form For your resident to sign
$6.25/pad for members; $12.50/pad for non-members; or 6 sheets of anyone type for $2.00/members; $3.25/non-members
    Noise Violation Warning letter to residents
    Rental Inspection of Premises To notify your resident of inspection
    Garbage Violation Warning letter to resident
    "Your Application" Application rejection letter
    Security Deposit Refund Form Specifies any damages, or charges and refund information
    Notice of Change in Terms of Tenancy Rental increase letter
    Apartment & Townhouse Inspection Form Check list for use at move-in or move-out
    Standard Lease Contract  
    Pet Lease Contract  
    Rental Application Form Application for intent to rent
$3.25/pad for members; $5.00/pad for non-members; or 10 sheets of anyone type for $2.00/members; $3.25/non-members
    Courtesy Notice Reminder form that rent is due
    Request for Maintenance Notice for unit in need of repairs
    Unit Entry Notice Courtesy notice to inform residents you were in their unit for repairs, etc.
Rockford Apartment Association
906 W. State St. | Rockford, IL 61102 | 815-964-8789 | FAX 815-964-5277

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